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A Christmas Poem

I believe in heaven, where Santa does not go.
But instead the tiny little angels find their homes below.

They mend our broken hearts, they wipe away our tears.
They impart their loving tenderness.
They blow away our fears.

As vivid as the magic of Christmas,
with all the sights and sounds.

With the twinkle lights and holly,
their love is all around.

So have hope no matter what you do.
Your little piece of heaven
with help to get you through.


By Anne Stenehjem


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A Baby’s Love

I don’t understand how this can be
When it’s been your brief life
That has shined upon me such light
and given me a new sight
to see the magnificence of just one day.

Your rose petal lips
May never utter spoken words
But in my dreams
Those heart-shaped lips
Will sing to me bringing me peace.

Your eyes saw light momemtarily
But never were they sad
For the hours I have spent starting at you
Memorizing every inch of you
I saw all the love that brought you into being.

The lock of your hair
Your little pink hat and tiny white shirt
Hold you powdery baby scent
I’ll forever cherish as my keepsake
and it will serve as my path back to you.

I never would have thought
As the hourglass emptied the final grain of sand
That my baby girl could teach me
The art of surrendering in love
and the significance of one hour.

Now in the reflection of your face
I feel our souls intertwine
I see the new horizons in your eyes
I feel eternity in your small hand
Spirits are not contained by time
Though I may not understand this circumstance
Destiny has laid at my feet
Still I rise each day in appreciation
That God had privileged me with
The grace of your beauty and love.
I stand in awe and amazement
O how your small light shined so bright
It brought even unbeleivers to their knees
In Christ, your life was no less lived.

Now I can rest assured knowing
Today is not our last embrace
I will sing to you lullabies again
For you are more than just a precious memory
Tiana, you are my daughter eternally!

Written by Kristina Nava
for Rhonda & Jason Velez
in Memory of Tiana Rose Velez


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Petal of hope
through winding passageways
Even in utter darkness
you are sunlit serenity
as you nestle
trusting in stormless horizons

Yes suddenly you have lost your moorings
on the relentless scarlet tide
we cry our for each other but you
my golden one have vanished
in another womantale
wild and common.

I am sitting quietly
bands resting like drained teacups
listening to the wind howl
through empty chambers
An there is a seed withing the sitting
a movement in the stillness
and forth
and forth
the baby who isn’t there
the pieces of myself
lying among the ruins
in skyward hands.

By Anne Pollack

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Nina’s Angel

I’ve never seen anything as precious as you, so beautiful and small…
My Angel

It was love at first sight, I looked at you and knew you were the missing piece to my heart…
My Angel

Just to see you lying there filled me with so much joy you took my breath away…
My Angel

Your shiny black hair, your lovely heart-shaped lips. I just wanted to hol you in my arms and kiss you…
My Angel

I had so many beautiful dreams for you and me, a whole lifetime, I thought…
My Angel

But those dreams were not to be, for my Godchild was taken from me…
My Angel

My heart is breaking, and all I have now are just a few sweet memories…
My Angel

I’ll hold those so deep in my heart, I’ll never forget you…
My Angel

You were just too precious and lovely for this world and now
you truly are an angel…
My Angel

I love you, Ronnie Jo
My Angel

By Shawna Villa


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For Brian

Wisp of starlight,
All your life
You were wrapped
In your mother’s love

Peaceful, protected,
Never to know
Harm or fear,

Shining spirit,
So beautiful the goddess
Has lifted you
To her arms

Precious to her
Beyond comprehension,
Your tiny life blessed
Each one you’ve touched.

And so we send
Our mother’s prayers,
And honor the spring ground
With our living tears.

By Sunny Johansonn

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The baby who never was – acknowledged
The baby who never was – held
The baby who never was – named
The baby who never was – issued a birth or death certificate

The baby who never was, existed and was loved by the one who carried it.
Although this baby was never acknowledged
And it’s existence even denied by some,
Dreams were dreamed of what was to be.
But whose dreams suddenly came to an end,
Why the baby that was growing inside of me
suddenly became…
The baby who never was – meant to be.

By Connie L. Pacheco

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Strong Enough

I am not strong enough to face the pain…
Her love is strong enough to offer me comfort.

I am not strong enough to understand why this happened…
Her memory is strong enough to bring me peace.

I am not strong enough to look towards the future…
Her spirit is strong enough to bring me hope.

By Darla Harmon 2003

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